Mina Baites is German novelist Iris Klockmann.

Her new novel about a family secret –– spanning the years 1914-1963 in Northern Germany, Hamburg, South Africa and London –– will be published in English in the USA later in the year, 2017. 


For bloggers & journalists 

If you want to interview me about the novel and the fate of a Jewish German family between 1914-1963 and during the Nazi era, please send your questions via email. 

My email address is minabaites@gmx.de

Looking forward to answering your questions. 

Iris Klockmann als Mina Baites. Foto: Privat

Want to know how a wind-up music box actually works?

This video by engineerguy has you covered. Bill reveals the engineering inside a toy music box. He describes how the comb is mass manufactured, details the spring, gears and governor that drive the box, and shares some history of early music boxes.  

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license via Wikimedia Commons.